We Work Remotely, and We’re Proud Of It - The Best Benefits of Remote Work

I started working remotely three years ago. My team has been remote from day 1 too. Since then, I’ve traveled the world, had more time with friends and family, and boosted my career and income. It’s something of a dream.


Here's why I think it's far superior to office work.

It's healthier than working in-person 8 hours a day

A lot of people prefer to work from home because they are concerned about their health, especially during the COVID pandemic.

It can also be quite stressful to work in a big office full of people who are constantly talking, shouting or just being there. The upside of working remotely is that it is easier to avoid this kind of constant low-level stress. That's a good thing for productivity and creativity, and it's also better for your health.

I read a study recently that surveyed remote workers' work and health habits, and found that working remotely — even if you only work remote part of the week — is better for your health than working in-person all day long:

  • Full-time remote workers were nearly twice as likely to exercise four or more days per week than their in-office counterparts (52% vs. 28%).

  • Full-time remote workers were nearly three times as likely to report that they "almost never" felt stressed (20% vs. 6%) and more than twice as likely to report feeling "very happy" (86% vs. 36%)

It's hard to argue with findings like that.

You can set your own schedule

In a lot of jobs, it seems like we don't get to choose what we do each day, and that our work is more boss-driven than self-directed. But, upon closer examination, this is less true for remote work. Our independence gives us the power to set our own schedules.

We get to decide how much time we want to spend on a project and when it's appropriate to stop working on that project and move on to something else. This is an enormous amount of freedom! However, because we're used to doing what we're told and not making choices for ourselves, we often don't realize how much freedom we actually have in our remote jobs.

Working remotely is a blessing for those of us who need some flexibility in their schedule. I know many people who have a hard time getting a normal 9-5 job due to family or health reasons. They can't just ask their boss for a few hours off every week. Working from home is the ideal solution for them. It's great having a flexible schedule because you can adjust it based on your personal needs and priorities.

Easier to attract top talent

While working remotely is an option that is available to any company, it’s more of a natural fit for startups and small businesses.

When you’re dealing with smaller startups or small businesses, their biggest challenge is finding good talent.

By allowing your employees to work remotely, you are able to attract talent that might not be interested in moving to another location or starting their career in a new city.

You are also giving them the freedom to choose where they want to live, which gives them the opportunity to find a nice place with better weather or more affordable living without sacrificing their career growth.

And by allowing your employees to work remotely, you are opening up opportunities for people who can’t afford or don’t want to move away from home. Speaking of moving -

Remote work gives you the freedom to live where you want to live

If you have a "normal" job, you probably don't have a lot of flexibility to choose where you live. If you move, there's a high chance you'll have to move for work.

But if you have a remote job, the world is your oyster. You can choose to live anywhere in the world, as long as you can get your work done and attend meetings.

This provides a lot of people, called digital nomads, with an exciting and adventurous lifestyle that wasn't compatible with full-time employment until the remote work revolution. If you want to move somewhere exotic, or beautiful, or cheap, or on an island, working remotely gives you the freedom to do it. You don't have to worry about moving your job along with you.

You save on transportation costs

You can also save a lot of money by working remotely.

If you live in a big city, such as New York or San Francisco, you probably spend a significant amount of money on transportation. If you work in the middle of the country, such as Kansas City, Missouri, you need to drive long distances to get to work, and need to pay for gas.

You also probably pay taxes and/or tolls and/or parking garage fees to drive to work. All of this money is spent getting from point A (your home) to point B (your office).

If you work remotely from home, you don't have to spend any money on transportation. This isn't just good for your wallet. It's also -

Better for the environment

Working remotely greatly reduces the need to travel by car, which is great for the environment. Every time you take a business flight, you are contributing to pollution. And that's not taking into account the airplane's carbon footprint. A lot of people don't know that or tend to forget about it.

Powering both offices and empty homes is a waste of energy as well, and many offices aren't that energy-efficient. All those offices could one day be converted to affordable housing, instead of sitting full of office equipment remote workers could access at home.

Workers who don't have to commute every day tend to use less energy and produce less waste overall. They can even reduce their water and waste bills. Plus, they're happier and healthier too!

You learn how to work independently and self-motivate

Working remotely is not without its challenges. When you're working from home, you'll need to learn to self-motivate, keep distractions at bay, and stay productive throughout the day.

You'll also need to be able to manage your time better.

Since your co-workers are not located in the same office as you, you won't have their presence to help keep you on track during the day. You'll have to learn how to work independently and self-motivate.

You will also need to be able to communicate effectively with your team via Slack or whatever other chat tool you are using for communication.

Working remotely is a great way to become more productive, improve your communication skills, and learn to self-motivate and discipline yourself.

Conclusion: Working remotely is not only possible, it can be an exciting opportunity for your company, your employees, and the world.

Working remotely is not a fad. It will continue to grow and it will change the way we think about work. It can allow people to work from anywhere in the world, allowing them to have a quality of life that's more important than ever in today's globalized economy. It can contribute to the vital global goal of reducing energy use and greenhouse gas emissions while making workers happier and healthier.


For us, it's a no-brainer.

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