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Can I use your templates on Shopify, WordPress, Squarespace, etc?

Unfortunately, our website templates will only work on Wix.

Can you customize my template for me?

We occasionally take custom work, depending on our workload. Check in with us by emailing

How do I get the website transfer?

Within 1 business day after purchase, you will receive an email from Wix requesting that you accept the transfer. Do so while logged into your Wix account, and the template will appear in your Wix account.

How can I learn how to design Wix websites?

We have an entire training course on Udemy teaching Wix web design. Check it out here:

How can I learn to design Canva graphics?

Canva has a design school that's a great place to get started.

What's your refund policy?

We don't do any refunds - it's very clear from the images exactly what you're purchasing.

Can I change the website's logo, images, text, etc?

Yes, our website templates are fully customizable!

My website is done - how do I market it?

Digital marketing can be a great career path or business opportunity. Want to learn how to market and design online? For general digital marketing, I recommend starting with Google's free 40 hour Fundamentals of Digital Marketing course. To learn to code, I recommend Team Treehouse. To learn WordPress, start with WP101. To learn search engine advertising, check out Google's free certifications. For Facebook advertising, see Facebook's free courses. For inbound marketing, try HubSpot's Inbound Marketing certification. HubSpot also has an email marketing certification. They have a ton of courses, check them out. HootSuite has a social media marketing certification. Moz has some courses on SEO (but can be pricey). That should be more than enough to get you started. But, the very best way is to build and market your own business!

You don't have a template for [X business]. Could you make one?

We love template design requests. Email us at and your web or graphic design template might be the next we add to the store!